Local Business

Working together with local business,and helping one another

Our Booking Office and Control Center is situated at the top of the High-Street next to the Nationwide Building Society.
Open 24/hours 7 days a week,customers can book their taxis with us and we can display your company’s advertising on our unique wall panelling to all the customers waiting for their cars.
Adverts can be up to a maximum size of 890mm x 590mm(landscape)

We can display your advert on our Headrest Mounted display boards advertising your company’s services to the rear seat passengers.

We will not charge for this service,we only ask that you advertise our new business in return by displaying our signage in the prominent places at your venue(for instance Customer Toilet areas and bars or counters)

For more information on the sevice,please call 01268 778877 or email:cab247rayleigh@outlook.com

We look forward to working with you

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